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Our Process

The Pomcar process is designed to accelerate your car buying decision

1.Request an Inspection

You identify the vehicle to be inspected, provide seller contact details, and communicate up to 3 personal checks.

2.Technician Assigned

A Pomcar tech is identified based on location, availability, vehicle type (passenger, hybrid, electric), and specific make work experience.

3.Inspection Scheduled

Tech confirms vehicle availability with seller and arranges a time to inspect. We only charge you once the inspection is scheduled.

4.Inspection Performed

Pre-eminent 270-point pre purchase inspection.


To start, vehicle details as advertised are confirmed to include color, VIN, and reported mileage.

15 Point Verification Checks
  • VIN Check on dash, doors, hood, trunk
  • Confirm vehicle as advertised (Year, Make, Model, Trim Engine, Transmission, Exterior Color, Interior Color)
  • Odometer Reading
  • Presence of Owner’s Manual
  • Service History Check
  • Maintenance Record Check
  • Presence of CARFAX Report
  • # of Ignition Keys
  • # of FOBs
  • # of Glove /box Keys

Tires & Brakes

Each tire, including the spare, checked for size, brand, and tread depth. Brake pad wear is also measured for your safety.

52 Point Tires & Brakes Checks
  • Wiggle Test for excess movement in the steering linkage and ball joints
  • Tire Characteristics (Brand, Model, Class, Width, Aspect Ratio, Construction, Diameter, Speed Rating)
  • Presence of Valve Cap Stem
  • Presence and condition of the wheel cover, hub cap, or center cap
  • Presence and condition of mud flaps and wind deflectors (if equipped)
  • Condition of the wheel, such as scratches, dents, corrosion, and presence of lugnuts and wheel locks
  • Shocks & Struts - bounce test of the shock absorber
  • Condition of the pads, caliper, and rotor
  • Tire Tread Depth (Inboard, Center, Outboard)
  • Brake Pad Thickness

Exterior & Undercarriage

All panels checked for evidence of dings, dents, and scratches. Underbody inspected for any signs of damage.

94 Point Exterior & Undercarriage Checks
  • Presence of accessories that would have been installed after purchase, whether aftermarket or factory
  • Presence of non-OEM parts, such as non-factory wheels or fog lights and their condition
  • All doors and check straps for damage and proper alignment
  • Doors seals, door locks
  • Side-view mirrors
  • Condition of the window glass and belt molding, as well as non-OE tinting
  • Condition of the door handle, physically and operationally
  • Condition of door trim pieces or garnishes
  • Condition of door rocker panel
  • Roof
  • Rack Rails
  • Sunroof
  • Fender/Liner
  • Front Grille
  • Front Hood
  • Trunk Lid/Tailgate
  • Bed Liner & Cover
  • Bumper / Spoiler
  • Exhaust & Tailgate
  • Gas Cap
  • GPS Antenna

Electrical & Lights

Any instrument that relies upon battery power is examined to ensure proper and reliable function.

44 Point Electrical & Lights Checks
  • Lights – headlights, marker lights, low beams, high beams, fog lights, turn signals, brake lights, hazards
  • Operation of all mirrors
  • Operation of all windows
  • Operation of all window wipers
  • Operation of all defoggers
  • Instrument Cluster Function
  • Horn Function
  • Ignition Key Function and Engine Start
  • Dashboard Backlighting
  • Operation of dome lights, map lights, and vanity lights
  • Daytime Running Lamps
  • Remote starter operation (if equipped)
  • Sunroof/Moonroof operation (if equipped)
  • Operation of the HVAC system, including air distribution, heating, cooling, and air conditioning
  • SRS/Airbag System Functionality
  • Power socket/cigarette lighter function
  • KOER Light Test


Cabin appearance evaluated and interior leather, fabric, carpet, vinyl, and plastic trim and surfaces checked for evidence of rips, tears, wear, and fading.

30 Point Interior Checks
  • Seat condition, adjustment operation, heat function (if equipped)
  • Presence of odors or stains
  • Condition and operation of seat belts and buckles
  • Condition of the pedals and pedal covers, including the accelerator, brake, clutch, and parking brake
  • Condition of the shift lever, including the knob, bezel, and cover or boot
  • Floors and carpets
  • Seatbelt Warning
  • Engine noise, vibration, or harshness
  • Parking brake condition and operation


Critical components such as belts and hoses are examined. Battery is tested (except for hybrids and electrics) and a voltage reading is obtained.

15 Point Engine Checks
  • Functional Gas Cap
  • Verify proper operation of the trunk lid release, via button or lever inside, as well as via key FOB (if equipped)
  • Operation of the hood release and the primary and secondary hood latches
  • Engine Air Filter Condition
  • Accessory Drive Belts
  • Condition of any visible wiring harnesses, fuse and relay boxes
  • Battery Voltage Reading (at rest and while running)

Road Test

Engine performance, wind noise, alignment, speedometer/odometer function, and braking performance examined.

13 Point Road Test Checks
  • Security & Remote check
  • Proper engine operation, smooth idle, good acceleration, stable cruising speed
  • Operation of transmission
  • Operation of the transfer case, locking differentials, or other 4x4 / AWD related controls (if equipped)
  • Operation of the cruise control system
  • Brake System Function
  • Steering Operation
  • Noise, Vibrations, Harshness
  • Suspension Check
  • Cooling Fan Operation post-drive

Fluid Checks*

Oil, brake, clutch, transmission, and power steering fluid levels checked among others.

5 Point Fluid Checks
  • Engine Oil
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Engine Coolant
  • Brake & Clutch Fluid
  • Washer Fluid

Diagnostic Scan*

Scan performed to confirm VIN and report error codes if present.

2 Point Diagnostic Scan Checks
  • VIN Confirmation
  • Presence of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)

*Additional checks depending on package selection and availability.

5.Results Delivered

The Pomcar report translates inspection results into meaningful insights leaving no room for interpretation

Vehicle Representation


Inspection findings compared to advertised points.

Overall Condition


As inspected, photos provided for noted deficiencies.



Critical safety features inspected such as tires, brakes, horn, and lights.

Focus Areas


As communicated by you for a detailed review.

Pomcar is Best in Class

What separates us from other inspections?

Customer-centric approach

  • You self direct up to 3 inspection checks.
  • No charge until we verify that an inspection can be performed.
  • We inform you once an inspection has been scheduled, when complete, and when your report is generated.
  • Qualified, experienced technicians assigned by specialty.

Detailed vehicle inspection

  • Visual and manual checks, many of which are used by manufacturers in their own certification programs.
  • Battery testing critical to evaluate hybrid and electric systems.
  • Diagnostic scans for select vehicles for further evaluation.
  • Pomcar report providing transparent insight into the quality of the vehicle under consideration.

Available Pre Purchase Packages

270-point comprehensive pre purchase inspection.



Includes up to 3 focus areas chosen by you to address specific concerns and vehicle recall safety check.

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Starter Package + Additional fluid check service.

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Starter + Experienced + Additional diagnostics such as VIN confirmation and scan tool error code readings.

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Have questions? We have answers.


What is (and is not) included in a POMCAR Inspection?

What’s Included: All POMCAR 270-Point inspection points can be located on the How It Works Page. Clicking the ▼ arrow within each section (Verification, Tires & Brakes, Undercarriage, Electrical & Lights, Interior, Engine, Road Test, Fluid Checks, Diagnostic Scan) will open up the list of comprehensive checks that our technicians inspect. Note the fluid and scan check are only included in our Experienced and Professional packages respectively. Note that we do intend to perform a road test for every vehicle, however it is at the seller’s discretion (even when we ask them to drive it while we ride shotgun!)

What’s Not Included: We do not raise the car off the ground but do include undercarriage photos and an assessment in the POMCAR Report. A point of emphasis for all POMCAR Techs is an undercarriage check for signs of damage (shocks, struts, exhaust, fuel tank etc.) attributed to wear or flooding/water. We also do not include paint thickness measurements but do check for any evidence of repair or use of non-OEM parts.

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When will I be charged?

An authorization for the inspection amount will be placed on your credit or debit card to withhold payment at time of order.
You will not be invoiced until the inspection is scheduled as we must verify that a technician is available, the vehicle is present, the vehicle is as described, and the seller will permit the inspection.

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Tell me more about the qualified techs you use.

Our technicians apply to become a member of the POMCAR network. Each tech has specialized experience in specific makes and models and has been assigned to inspect vehicles within a designated region. 95% of all technicians within the network are ASE certified. Each tech in our network has been subject to a background screening to ensure that both their formal training and work history satisfy our standards.

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What vehicles do you inspect?

We inspect ALL used passenger vehicles, light duty trucks, SUVs, electrics, and hybrids from dealers and private sellers. We assign POMCAR Techs not only by vehicle type, but also by specific make and model, especially if a unique or higher-end vehicle. We can even inspect vehicles represented as Certified Pre-Owned or CPO by dealers if they allow it.

We DO NOT inspect auction vehicles as our techs are not allowed to inspect properly (engine bay, road test, electronics, etc.)

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How fast can you perform an inspection?

Inspections are usually performed within 48 hours of receipt. Delays are caused by private seller availability, dealership hours, and tech coverage at that location. If you have a tight timeline and need a same day or next day inspection, please reach out to us as [email protected] and let us know the vehicle details (year, make, model) and location (city, state) and we will reply letting you know if we can fulfill within that time.

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You claim that I can self-direct the vehicle inspection. What does that mean?

When you request an inspection, you will have the option to enter any specific concerns (up to 3) that you may have about the vehicle. Concerns may arise from representations the seller has made in the advertisement, information presented on a Carfax report, or from your own knowledge of the vehicle to be inspected. Our technicians will directly address your concerns in the POMCAR Report.

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What is your refund policy?

We value the time and commitment of our employees and technicians so we must enforce a strict policy.

Should you decide to cancel a request before the inspection is scheduled, you will receive a 50% refund of the inspection cost. Once scheduled by a POMCAR Technician, we cannot offer a refund as we have commissioned a tech to perform the inspection.

If the vehicle is no longer available for sale, the seller is unwilling to permit the inspection, or a POMCAR Tech is unavailable to inspect, you will of course receive a full refund.

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Should I use POMCAR results to purchase a vehicle?

You should use the POMCAR inspection results to make an educated purchasing decision. Some of our customers purchase cars sight unseen while others use the report to decide whether to travel to and inspect the vehicle themselves.

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What happens if the inspection cannot be completed?

There are times when a vehicle is no longer for sale, the seller or dealer is unwilling to permit one of our technicians from inspecting the vehicle, or a qualified technician is not available to perform the inspection. In these cases, you will receive a notification via email as to why the inspection could not be performed and you will not be charged.

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Will a road test be performed?

Yes as long as the seller allows a proper road test, the vehicle is roadworthy and the vehicle has current tags or dealer plates.

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Do you guarantee the inspection findings?

No. The condition of the vehicle may change after the inspection takes place. Also, a more comprehensive mechanical inspection (e.g., raising the vehicle on a lift, removing engine covers if present, removing tires, etc.) may present issues that were not identified during our limited pre purchase inspection.

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Do you offer discounts?

No. The package prices represented on this site are determined based on POMCAR’s ability to secure and retain the most qualified technicians available to perform your inspection. Flat pricing ensures predictability for our technicians as they inspect vehicles and deliver the comprehensive POMCAR Report.

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How can I track the completion of my inspection?

After submitting a request, an assigned technician will contact the seller, confirm the availability of the vehicle, and schedule the inspection. Once scheduled, you will receive an email notice communicating when the inspection will take place. Further email updates and status changes will communicate to you when the inspection is complete and when the POMCAR report is ready to view.

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Do you inspect salvage or auctioned vehicles?

No we do not inspect auction or salvage vehicles as our techs are not able to perform a proper inspection and often do not have member access to a salvage yard or auction group.

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Do you inspect classics or antique vehicles?

No we do not inspect used vehicles without a 17-character VIN as our techs are not qualified to inspect older and reconditioned vehicles.

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Do you inspect heavy duty trucks or vans?

We do not inspect any trucks above Class 7. We can accommodate inspections such as a Ford F-750, RAM 3500 and Mercedes Sprinter vans depending on tech experience.

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Do you inspect school buses?

No due to stringent safety requirements, our techs do not inspect school or passenger buses.

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