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Why Join Pomcar?

Earn Additional Income

Generate income by performing quality inspections at your convenience.

Join a Professional Network

Join a respected team who truly care about performing quality inspections.

Enjoy Exclusive Access

Once accepted, retain exclusive access to your desired coverage area.

Minimum Qualifications

  • ASE-certified exceptions made for experienced techs.
  • Responses expected within 24 hours.
  • Availability after normal business hours to perform inspections.
  • Exclusivity Commitment to POMCAR.

Required Equipment

  • Personal phone to contact vehicle seller and/or be reached by POMCAR;
  • Means of transport to and from vehicle location;
  • Smartphone or digital camera to snap photos;
  • Tire pressure gage;
  • Tire tread depth gage;
  • Digital voltmeter to measure battery charge.

The Pomcar Process

Our simple process drives optimal productivity for all network technicians


Receive automated email alert of pending inspection request.

Accept &

Contact seller to verify availability and submit inspection schedule.


Execute 270-point checklist, take measurements, snap photos.


Upload findings using the POMCAR interface.


Findings reviewed for completeness and authenticity.


Receive payment within 48 hours of approval.

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How do I apply to be a Pomcar Technician?

It’s easy. Create a complete profile and share basic facts about yourself, your experience, and your desired coverage area.
We ask that once you apply, you access your ASE account and release your records so that we may expedite your approval.

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Why is there an application process?

Not all technicians are equal. Our customers expect each inspection to be conducted by an expert inspector who can provide them with the most thorough report possible. To this end, POMCAR only selects those technicians who have demonstrated experience on specific makes and models.

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What are the required qualifications?

The majority of techs must hold a current ASE certification and possess years of experience working on specific makes and models. While you don’t have to be a working mechanic to become a member, many of our seasoned technicians are ASE master-technicians and have specialized training.

Required equipment to perform an inspection includes a voltmeter, tire pressure gage, tire tread depth gage, and digital camera capable of taking high-resolution photos. Most of our techs also carry an OBD-II Scan Tool to perform the diagnostic scan.

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What equipment will I need?

Equipment needed to be a POMCAR Technician includes a personal computer or laptop with internet access, personal phone to contact vehicle seller and/or be reached by POMCAR, a means of transportation to and from the vehicle location, a camera or camera phone with at least 8 mega-pixels or greater to take photos, a tire tread depth gage, and a digital voltmeter to obtain the battery voltage output, especially important to hybrid and electric vehicles. Optional equipment includes a scan tool to perform a diagnostic test on onboard systems.

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What commitments must I make to POMCAR?

Professionalism and response time! Having been selected from among many qualified techs, we know you will serve as great ambassadors for POMCAR in both your engagement with sellers and in the rigor by which you perform our standard 270-point inspection. That’s why you were chosen. Our customers expect a timely report delivered to them as soon as possible so they can make an informed decision. We expect you to contact the seller immediately after receiving an alert to schedule the inspection and to submit your findings within 24 hours of completing the inspection.

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Show me the money. How much will I get paid?

Payouts per inspection start at $70 and range higher depending on the vehicle type and location.

When you receive an inspection alert via email or SMS/text message, the Payout Amount will be presented. This amount will be paid to you once you submit your findings online. Payment issued to your specific bank account (1-2 days) or via check by mail (7-10 days).

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I received an inspection request, what now?

The POMCAR Inspection Alert email contains the vehicle info and seller address and phone no. Within 24 hours, you must contact the seller to schedule a date/time to perform the inspection. Once you arrange a time to inspect, enter in your Account by going to:
■ MY ACCOUNT in the upper right corner
■ Inspections
■ Click the Order No. under ‘Inspections to Schedule’
■ Click ‘Inspection Scheduled’ and enter the date and time (Eastern standard)
■ Sign the agreed upon Payout Amount for the inspection

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Do I need to take any mandatory photos?

Yes. We require all technicians to take a legible photograph of the VIN, standard exterior and interior photos, and any specific deficiencies noted in the POMCAR report.

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Can I be removed from the network?

Yes. Current network technicians are evaluated based on responsiveness and the quality of the inspection performed. Those that do not acknowledge 3 or more work requests, fail to perform an adequate inspection, or fail to perform an inspection after setting a time to do so with the seller/broker are subject to removal.

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Can I use my own forms?

No. A standard POMCAR checklist must be followed. You have the option to submit findings and upload photos from your smartphone during the inspection or to do so after the inspection from your desktop or laptop.

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Am I liable for any deficiencies that I fail to recognize?

No. As we are not able to perform a complete mechanical inspection of each vehicle, we release from liability POMCAR and all affiliated technicians from any claims against either party with regard to misrepresentation of a vehicle. POMCAR does reserve the right to terminate any technician who fails to perform an adequate inspection as a result of negative feedback or an incomplete or unsatisfactory report.

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Do you reimburse for travel expenses?

No. When you sign-up, you provide us your address and how far (coverage radius) you are willing to travel to perform an inspection. The Payout Amount presented to you in the Inspection Alert Email states the total amount to be paid at completion.

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Where do I provide my bank account info to receive payment?

Go to the Payment Methods’ section in your Account to enter your information.

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