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51075 mi

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VIN Yes 1G1YY22G7Y5110472
Year Yes 2000
Model Yes Corvette
Trim Yes
Engine Yes
Transmission Yes
Exterior Color Yes
Interior Color Yes
Odometer Reading Yes 51,383 mi


Item Present Additional Data
Owner's Manual Yes
Service History Yes
Last Oil Change Yes Dec 12, 2017 /
Maintenance Record Yes
CARFAX Report Yes
Ignition Keys Yes 2
Key FOBs Yes 1
Glove Box Key Yes

/ Condition


Exterior Photos
Front View Left Front Quarter Panel
Right Front Quarter Panel Right Rear Quarter Panel
Left Rear Quarter Panel Front Grille
Driver Side View Passenger Side View
Rear Exterior Undercarriage
Additional Photos
Reported Deficiencies
Item Comments Photo(s)
LF Driver Door & Check Strap Small scratches, a chip, and the door edge has paint worn off
LF Door Seals Seals starting to dry rot on upper rear of window area
LF Side View Mirror Couple chips and light scratches
LF Handle Small chip by key cylinder and light finger nail scratches
LF Rocker Panel Small chip on rocker
Front Marker Lights LF turn signal housing cracked at both ends and fogged from water leaking in
Hood Inside edge of where the RF headlight is the paint is worn off in one spot
Front Bumper / Bumper Cover Small rust spots on surface of paint on the left hand side of corvette badge, some stone chips and underside of bumper scuffed heavily
Front Spoiler / Air Dam Scuffs and scratches
Front Trim Passenger “A” pillar trim distorted in 2 places and surface rust on “A”pillar frame
Right Front (RF) Quarter Large group of scratches the length of my arm and go down about 4-6”
RF Door & Check Strap One small scratch near bottom of door. Lower door hinge roller binding, causing popping and creaking when opening more than halfway open
RF Door Seals Seals starting to dry rot same area as LF
RF Side View Mirror Some scratches on mirror
RF Handle Finger nail scratches by door handle
Right Rear (RR) Quarter Small scratch in middle front of quarter panel
Bumper / Bumper Cover Scratches above rr exhaust tip, scratches on Lr corner, and a small chip on left side of bumper


Interior Photos
Steering Wheel Instrument Panel
Front Seats #1 Front Seats #2
Interior Armrest
Glove Box Trunk Interior
Reported Deficiencies
Item Comments Photo(s)
Driver's Seat Outer seat trim unsecured from frame about 1-2” gap
Front Passenger Seat Outer seat trim gap in the same spot as drivers side
Ignition Key Key FOB does not work
Engine NVH No noise or vibrations but harmonic balancer is “hopping” with engine running impregnated rubber dry rotting and starting to wobble I have a video of said concern


Tires & Brakes


All Tire Specs Match? No Driver Front
Driver Rear
Passenger Rear
Spare Tire No
Driver Front Passenger Front Driver Rear Passenger Rear
Brand Goodyear Goodyear Goodyear Goodyear
Model Eagle F1 Eagle F1 Eagle F1 Eagle F1
Class P P P P
Width 245 245 275 275
Aspect Ratio 45 45 40 40
Construction R R R R
Diameter 17 17 18 18
Speed Rating Y Y Y Y
Valve Stem Cap
Tread Depth 9/32 " 9/32 " 8/32 " 8/32 "
Tech's Notes Sidewall damage 3 spots of gouging

Brake Pad Thickness

0 12
Driver Front

0 12
Passenger Front

0 12
Driver Rear

0 12
Passenger Rear


Engine Photos
Engine Bay
Reported Deficiencies
Item Comments Photo(s)
Leak Check RF valve cover and trans pan are starting to seep, trans is very minor but valve cover seepage making its way down cylinder head

Battery Voltage

Idle 12.5V

Ideal voltage > 12.6V

Lower reading could indicate problem with charging system.

Running 14.6V

Ideal voltage between 13.5V and 14.5V

Deviations can damage or drain battery.

NHTSA Safety Recalls

No recalls found for this vehicle year and model!

Drivability/Road Test

Item Status Tech Comments
Security & Remote REPORT Key FOB doesn’t work
Test Drive Yes
Overall Impression Drives nice, no suspension or driveability issues, roof does freak though over some bumps, I used to be a Chevy dealer technician and there maybe updated locating pins for the removable roof.
Engine OK
Transmission OK
Transfer Case/AWD/4x4 N/A
Cruise Control OK
Brakes OK
Steering OK
Driving NVH OK
Suspension OK
Odor & Leak Check OK
Cooling Fans OK

Focus Areas

Focus Area 1
Area Undercarriage
Customer Request Interested in any rusted areas, fluid leaks,original appearing parts that should be replaced
Issue? Yes
Tech Comments Shocks are more than likely original due to all of them seeping the same amount of oil
Focus Area 2
Area Electrical
Customer Request Guages, a/c, heater, power windows, pop up headlights,dash lights, power seats, radio/cd player
Issue? No
Tech Comments Everything works, on the RF headlight it looks that it is or was rubbing at some point
Focus Area 3
Area Engine
Customer Request Signs of worn belts, frayed wiring, leaks, noises at idle and during test drive
Issue? Yes
Tech Comments Besides the already noted seeping valve cover, front and rear shocks, and transmission pan. I would say the harmonic balancer is due for replacement since the rubber is starting to separate and cause excessive wobble in the pulley drive system, these are pretty common item on corvettes

Supplemental Checks

Fluid Checks

Engine Oil

Transmission Fluid

Engine Coolant

Brake & Clutch Fluid

Washer Fluid

Scan Tool Diagnostics

  • VIN Confirmation Pass

  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes Reported? No