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Reported Mileage

12108 mi

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Item Match Actuals Photo(s)
Year Yes 2019
Model Yes Cayenne
Trim Yes Turbo
Engine No 4.0L V8 F DOHC 32V
Transmission No Automatic
Exterior Color No Quartzite Metallic
Interior Color No Black Mojave Beige
Odometer Reading Yes 12,108 mi


Item Present Additional Data
Owner's Manual No
Service History No
Last Oil Change No
Maintenance Record No
CARFAX Report No
Ignition Keys Yes 1
Key FOBs Yes 1
Glove Box Key No only 1 key provided for inspection

/ Condition


Exterior Photos
Front View Left Front Quarter Panel
Right Front Quarter Panel Right Rear Quarter Panel
Left Rear Quarter Panel Front Grille
Front Spoiler Driver Side View
Passenger Side View Rear Exterior
Undercarriage Additional Photos
Reported Deficiencies
Item Comments Photo(s)
Hood Hood repainted, attachment bolts have been turned as well.
Front Bumper / Bumper Cover Front bumper has a protective film, repaint could not be determined.
Trunk Lid / Tailgate & Check Straps Lift gate repainted
Trunk Seal Left side frayed
Trunk Interior Tail gate panel scuffed
Bumper / Bumper Cover Repainted
LR Door & Check Strap Paint chip


Interior Photos
Steering Wheel Instrument Panel
Front Seats #1 Front Seats #2
Rear Seats #1 Rear Seats #2
Interior Armrest
Glove Box Trunk Interior
Stick Shift
Reported Deficiencies
Item Comments Photo(s)
Door Panel & Armrest Scuffed


Tires & Brakes


All Tire Specs Match? No Driver Front
Driver Rear
Passenger Rear
Spare Tire No
Driver Front Passenger Front Driver Rear Passenger Rear
Brand Pirelli Pirelli Pirelli Pirelli
Model Scorpion Scorpion Scorpion Scorpion
Class P P P P
Width 285 285 315 315
Aspect Ratio 40 40 35 35
Construction R R R R
Diameter 21 21 21 21
Speed Rating V V V V
Valve Stem Cap
Tread Depth 6/32 " 5/32 " 6/32 " 6/32 "
Tech's Notes No issues noted No issues noted No issues noted No issues noted

Brake Pad Thickness

0 12
Driver Front

0 12
Passenger Front

0 12
Driver Rear

0 12
Passenger Rear


Engine Photos
Engine Bay
Reported Deficiencies
Item Comments Photo(s)

Battery Voltage

Idle 13.1V

Ideal voltage > 12.6V

Lower reading could indicate problem with charging system.

Running 13.5V

Ideal voltage between 13.5V and 14.5V

Deviations can damage or drain battery.

NHTSA Safety Recalls

No recalls found for this vehicle year and model!

Drivability/Road Test

Item Status Tech Comments
Security & Remote OK
Test Drive Yes
Overall Impression Test drive was normal, acceleration was good, brake felt solid and no alignment issues.
Engine OK
Transmission OK
Transfer Case/AWD/4x4 OK
Cruise Control OK
Brakes OK
Steering OK
Driving NVH OK
Suspension OK
Odor & Leak Check OK
Cooling Fans OK

Focus Areas

Focus Area 1
Area Interior
Customer Request Interior blemish noted to right of steering wheel column.
Issue? Yes
Tech Comments Dash has a foreign substance located to the right side of the steering wheel. The substance should clean off and does not appear to be damage to the dash.
Focus Area 2
Area Exterior
Customer Request Cayenne Turbo designation on rear trunk lid seems oddly spaced (too much space between the words “Cayenne” and “Turbo”. Is there something wrong back here or has work been done to the car?
Issue? Yes
Tech Comments The tail gate was repainted and the logo spacing is incorrect.
Focus Area 3
Area General
Customer Request How does it drive? Does it seem like there is more of a “history” than the mileage and carfax tells? Has the car been in an accident?
Issue? No
Tech Comments Car appears to have been in a minor front and rear accident based on the hood and tail gate repairs.

Supplemental Checks

Fluid Checks

Engine Oil

Transmission Fluid

Engine Coolant

Brake & Clutch Fluid

Washer Fluid

Scan Tool Diagnostics

  • VIN Confirmation Pass

  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes Reported? No