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108637 mi

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Item Match Actuals Photo(s)
VIN Yes WBAGJ0343YDD73614
Year Yes 2000
Make Yes BMW
Model Yes 750Li
Trim Yes
Engine Yes
Transmission Yes
Exterior Color Yes
Interior Color Yes
Odometer Reading Yes 108,636 mi


Item Present Additional Data
Owner's Manual Yes
Service History Yes
Last Oil Change No
Maintenance Record No
CARFAX Report No
Ignition Keys Yes 2
Key FOBs Yes 2
Glove Box Key No Glove box is a bit loose.

/ Condition


Exterior Photos
Front View Left Front Quarter Panel
Right Front Quarter Panel Right Rear Quarter Panel
Left Rear Quarter Panel Front Grille
Driver Side View Passenger Side View
Rear Exterior Undercarriage
Additional Photos
Reported Deficiencies
Item Comments Photo(s)
Left Front (LF) Quarter There is scratches and paint marks
LF Side View Mirror Minor scratches and paint markings
LF Trim Dirty with grease and there is some wear
Front Fog Lights The fog light lens is damaged.
Hood A lot of big and small scratches
Front Windshield Found 3 rock chips on the windshield, One was about 1/8 in size
Right Front (RF) Quarter Some scratches
RR Trim Broken net for shade
Trunk Seal I was not able to find out where the water came in through the trunk and into the spare tire
Trunk Interior There was a few gallons of water under the spare tire.
Bumper / Bumper Cover There are some scratches on the rear bumper.
Trunk Trim There was Paint on the trunk carpet
LR Rocker Panel This side has the most scratches compared to the rest


Interior Photos
Steering Wheel Instrument Panel
Front Seats #1 Front Seats #2
Rear Seats #1 Rear Seats #2
Interior Armrest
Glove Box Trunk Interior
Reported Deficiencies
Item Comments Photo(s)
Center Console & Armrest Some wear
Floor & Carpet All of the carpet is in bad shape with stains and holes from cigarette.
Floor & Carpet Stains and some wear
Rear Seats Some paint marks, small to medium in size
Floor & Carpet Some stains and wear
Headliner It looks to Be sagging on both rear passenger sides
Engine NVH There is a misfire with the vehicle in park


Tires & Brakes


All Tire Specs Match? Yes Driver Front
Driver Rear
Passenger Rear
Spare Tire Yes
Driver Front Passenger Front Driver Rear Passenger Rear *Spare
Brand Sumitomo Sumitomo Sumitomo Sumitomo Sumitomo
Model TRZ 3 TRZ 3 TRZ 3 TRZ 3 TRZ 3
Class P P P P P
Width 255 255 255 255 235
Aspect Ratio 45 45 45 45 50
Construction R R R R R
Diameter 18 18 18 18 18
Speed Rating (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y)
Valve Stem Cap
Tread Depth 4/32 " 4/32 " 4/32 " 4/32 " 8/32 "
Tech's Notes All 4 tires have wear, but the tread is even all the ay across. The size is really hard to see. All 4 tires have wear, but the tread is even all the ay across. All 4 tires have wear, but the tread is even all the ay across. All 4 tires have wear, but the tread is even all the ay across. This tire does not match the other rear. Some wear

Brake Pad Thickness

0 12
Driver Front

0 12
Passenger Front

0 12
Driver Rear

0 12
Passenger Rear


Engine Photos
Engine Bay
Reported Deficiencies
Item Comments Photo(s)
Leak Check Some seepage on both valve cover gaskets

Battery Voltage

Idle 12.4V

Ideal voltage > 12.6V

Lower reading could indicate problem with charging system.

Running 13V

Ideal voltage between 13.5V and 14.5V

Deviations can damage or drain battery.

NHTSA Safety Recalls

No recalls found for this vehicle year and model!

Drivability/Road Test

Item Status Tech Comments
Security & Remote REPORT The remote control was unable to function with any comand
Test Drive Yes
Overall Impression The ride was average with no abnormal noises, but the braking made both the car and the steering wheel shake violently. Most likely both front and rear rotors are warped and need to be replaced.
Engine OK
Transmission OK
Transfer Case/AWD/4x4 N/A
Cruise Control OK
Brakes REPORT There was violent shaking of the steering wheel and the center console, due to warped rotors at the front and rear of the vehicle.
Steering OK
Driving NVH OK
Suspension OK
Odor & Leak Check OK
Cooling Fans OK

Supplemental Checks

Fluid Checks

Engine Oil

Transmission Fluid

Engine Coolant

Brake & Clutch Fluid

Washer Fluid

Scan Tool Diagnostics

  • VIN Confirmation Pass

  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes Reported? Yes

DTC Tech Comments
Po304 This is a pending code that most likely will trigger the check engine light because I can feel the misfire during idle only.This vehicle would have to be diagnosed to find out if it is a mechanical or an injector, etc

DTC Photos