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Reported Mileage

41126 mi

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Item Match Actuals Photo(s)
VIN Yes 1C4BJWFG5FL569463
Year Yes 2015
Make Yes JEEP
Model Yes Wrangler
Trim Yes Rubicon
Engine Yes Rubicon
Transmission Yes Rubicon
Exterior Color Yes
Interior Color Yes
Odometer Reading Yes 41,222 mi


Item Present Additional Data
Owner's Manual No
Service History Yes
Last Oil Change Yes Aug 17, 2020 / 44,137 mi
Maintenance Record No
CARFAX Report Yes
Ignition Keys Yes 1
Key FOBs Yes 1
Glove Box Key No Key and fob are one.

/ Condition


Exterior Photos
Front View Left Front Quarter Panel
Right Front Quarter Panel Right Rear Quarter Panel
Left Rear Quarter Panel Front Grille
Driver Side View Passenger Side View
Rear Exterior Truck Bed
Undercarriage Additional Photos
Reported Deficiencies
Item Comments Photo(s)
Accessories Clamps hanging off top rack. bolts rusting
Non-OEM Parts Missing lights both sides
LF Trim Rubber coming loose
Roof Light scratches from cargo
LF Lights Harley Davidson style
Front Fog Lights Fog lights missing
Front Windshield Stain from roof rack drip
Front Wipers Passenger side blade edge gone
Right Front (RF) Quarter Small scratch
Roll Bars / Rack 6 brackets on roof rack. Maybe old light brackets
Left Rear (LR) Quarter Light scratch
Running Boards / Tubes Aftermarket
Tool Kit Did not see any tool kit
Lighting Right and left rear side marker led inoperative
Marker Lights Tail light works but side marker does not
Fog Lights Right and left fog lamp assemblies missing


Interior Photos
Steering Wheel Instrument Panel
Front Seats #1 Front Seats #2
Rear Seats #1 Rear Seats #2
Interior Armrest
Glove Box Trunk Interior
Stick Shift
Reported Deficiencies
Item Comments Photo(s)
Driver's Seat Loose stitching. White stain
Floor & Carpet Dirty and dog hair throughout no dog odor
Front Passenger Seat Scrape on seat front
Dash Panel Some sort of bracket attached to dash bar
Floor & Carpet Dirty. Dog hair
Floor & Carpet Dirty. Dog hair
Headliner Speaker bar screws missing and its hanging


Tires & Brakes


All Tire Specs Match? Yes Driver Front
Spare Tire Yes
Driver Front Passenger Front Driver Rear Passenger Rear *Spare
Brand BFGoodrich BFGoodrich BFGoodrich BFGoodrich BFGoodrich
Model Mud terrain t/a 37x12.5 r17 Mud terrain t/a 37x12.5 r17 Mud terrain t/a 37x12.5 r17 Mud terrain t/a 37x12.5 r17 Mud terrain t/a 37x12.5 r17
Width 9.5 9.5 9.5 9.5 9.5
Aspect Ratio 18.5 18.5 18.5 18.5 18.5
Construction R R R R R
Diameter 17 17 17 17 17
Speed Rating P P P P P
Valve Stem Cap
Tread Depth 11/32 " 11/32 " 11/32 " 11/32 " 19/32 "
Tech's Notes Good condition for tire type Good condition for tire type Good condition for tire type Good condition for tire type New condition still has nubs k

Brake Pad Thickness

0 12
Driver Front

0 12
Passenger Front

0 12
Driver Rear

0 12
Passenger Rear


Engine Photos
Engine Bay
Reported Deficiencies
Item Comments Photo(s)
Engine Air Filter Looks to be k&n permenant.
Appearance Dual battery setup

Battery Voltage

Idle 11.9V

Ideal voltage > 12.6V

Lower reading could indicate problem with charging system.

Running 14.4V

Ideal voltage between 13.5V and 14.5V

Deviations can damage or drain battery.

NHTSA Safety Recalls

No recalls found for this vehicle year and model!

Drivability/Road Test

Item Status Tech Comments
Security & Remote OK
Test Drive Yes
Overall Impression Very noisy. clanking rattling whining coming from everywhere. Rides ok considering the extensive aftermarket setup.
Engine OK
Transmission REPORT 1st gear whines first 5mph. Clutch seems high and weak but isnt slipping.
Transfer Case/AWD/4x4 REPORT When locker compressor is running I hear a air leak. I dont think the lockers are working properly no differnce when they are on or off.
Cruise Control OK
Brakes OK
Steering REPORT Steering has loose feel.
Driving NVH REPORT Tire noise. Some kind of rotational clank noise after 30mph sound like a fan blade hitting something.
Suspension REPORT Steering tends to track according to the road
Odor & Leak Check OK
Cooling Fans OK

Focus Areas

Focus Area 1
Area Undercarriage
Customer Request I am concerned most about the undercarriage. It looks to me like this jeep may have been used for some off-roading (some is expected), but I want to make sure that that has not compromised the undercarriage. There are some locations on the undercarriage with a considerable amount of rust. Again, I think some is expected, but I want to ensure that I am not buying something that will fall apart. I do not want to buy something that I will need to put thousands of dollars into the first year of ownership. More specifically, it looks like some of the suspension components on this jeep are aftermarket, am I going to have to replace them soon because of the rust/wear and tear? The undercarriage and powertrain are the most concerning aspect of this vehicle to me. I also want to make sure that none of this rust is on the body or in the floor boards.
Issue? Yes
Tech Comments Some of the bushings on the shocks are dry rotted already considerable rust on the rear shocks and
Focus Area 2
Area Diagnostics
Customer Request I would like to make sure that the onboard diagnostics do not show any sign of issues with engine or powertrain, and if there is any replacement needed for tires, breaks, clutch, etc. A general check on all of the aftermarket parts of this vehicle would be helpful. I want to make sure all were installed professionally.
Issue? Yes
Tech Comments Can smell coolant and the bottle was empty but no visible leak noted and did not overheat. Suspect radiator
Focus Area 3
Area Engine
Customer Request As a capable off-road vehicle, I am want to be sure that whoever the previous owner was, that their off-roading did not put too much wear and tear on the engine crawling/traversing water and mud. I also have the concern that because I live in Illinois, that the car needs to meet Illinois emission standard, which I think do not apply in Ohio? I would like to know that it meets standards before I take it back to Chicago. Check issues with headgasket, etc.
Issue? Yes
Tech Comments It has definatetely been used hard. Coolant leak and tje parking brake seems weak and barely holds.

Supplemental Checks

Fluid Checks

Engine Oil

Transmission Fluid

Engine Coolant

Brake & Clutch Fluid

Washer Fluid

Scan Tool Diagnostics

  • VIN Confirmation Pass

  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes Reported? Yes

DTC Tech Comments
C1501 Tire pressure monitor codes no sensors installed

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